Hello Blog, It’s Been Awhile.


It has been a long time since I last posted. July 2013 to be exact. A lot has happened since my last post. I am still searching for employment after being laid off by my company. My father in law died in December 2013 after a long struggle with various illnesses. He is in a better place. And my wife and I had our FOURTH child in January 2014. You read that right, we have FOUR kids under 6.  Just a crazy time for my family. Some highs and many lows.  I think that now is as good a time as any to get back to writing my thoughts out.

So I guess I should start talking about my feelings, right? Well right now I feel that there are more sad days than happy days. I don’t know why. I can’t explain it. Part of the reason for the “sads” as a I call them stem from me trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. What I want to be when I grow up. You know, I never ever asked myself that question. All I did was go to school, pick a major that has no purpose other than to study something I loved (History) and then upon realizing I couldn’t actually make money as a History major, decided to go to law school. I often wonder if that decision was a bad decision.  This is my struggle right now. Was it the wrong decision?

Right now I am just looking for an outlet to express myself. If you follow me on twitter (which if you’re reading this post, it is probably because you do) then you may or may not know some of the stuff I have written about above. I think that I am going to make it a priority to visit back here often in order to write down things. Some may be happy, some may be sad. I think it helps me. It may give you an insight into who I am.

So who am I? Here we go:

1) I am a Christian who needs to talk to God and read his Bible more.

2) I am a Husband who needs to listen to his wife more.

3) I am a Father who needs to pay attention and play with his kids more.

4) I am a Son who needs to call his parents and have meaningful conversation more.

5) I am a Brother who needs to act like a brother more.

6) I am a lawyer……………….But is that who I am? I don’t know.

7) I am also a lot of other things: Reds fan; Kentucky basketball/football fan; fantasy sports fan; awesome Twitter follow. 

That is just a little part of me. My posts will likely include these subjects because that is who I am. Please come back to visit often. I promise it will be worth it.


To Gigi’s house we go! #MaryKaySeminar



Tuesday, July 30, 2013 (Day -1 ’till MK Seminar Day)

Well we dropped the kids off at their Gigi and papaps house about an hour and a half away. This will be the longest EVER that my wife and I have been without the kids. As you can see they are perfectly fine. My Booboo (#2) even asked us when we were going to leave. So based on that comment we jetted out of there early and made out way back home. I think they will be perfectly fine although it will be weird without them.

Me? I am excited to be alone with my wife and on our way to Mary Kay Land!! Plane leaves at 6:05 am tomorrow so I should be plenty exhausted for my first plane trip. Not really nervous about that. I think I will be fine. But people keep asking me if I am scared. Not sure why though.

This time tomorrow night we will be at the Area Awards dinner with NSD Pam Tull. I finally get to meet this great lady who inspires my wife so much. I really can’t wait. And something tells me this will not be like any other awards dinner that I have been to before. My guess is it will be crazy!! But in a good way. Lots of pink. Lots of dancing. And probably some feather boas. Maybe on me. Who knows!

Well I got to go pack some more before we leave. I think I will write from the plane my experience. That should be fun right??

Very truly yours,

Mary Kay Husband

I am going to be a Mary Kay Seminar Blogging Fool…So Prepare Now.


Monday, July 29, 2013 (Day -2 ’till MK Seminar Day)

Well this week is shaping up to be a fun and eventful week. I get to have a bunch of “firsts” this week. First trip on an airplane (will blog about that later). First trip to Dallas, TX for a prolonged period of time (been there once for 6 hours). And most importantly, first trip to Mary Kay Seminar also referred to by the ladies in Pink as “Mary Kay Land”.  Obviously this is a play off of Disney Land but something tells me this description will not be too far off. 

For those that don’t know, I recently was laid off from my “lawyerin'” job (blog post on that once I gather my thoughts) and now have a lot of free time on my hands. This trip was planned well before me getting laid off but I now am able to devote my full time to being a supportive Mary Kay husband.  I think my lovely wife would have gone crazy by now with all the planning involved in the trip had she not had her Mary Kay husband there to support her.  It isn’t easy packing for two people for a trip let alone three kids, plus food, to drop off at their Gigi’s house.

Anyways, in my boredom of searching for jobs, I came up with the idea to blog about my Mary Kay Seminar experience through the eyes of the Husband.  I am those eyes. You are my audience. I expect interaction.  This blog will be serious and funny. I hope to impart humor although please do not see my humor as making light or fun of Mary Kay. I am honestly excited about this trip and what it can do for my family.

What do I expect? Lots of pink. Lots of sweet looking cars given to those ladies that succeed in enriching women’s lives. Lots of cheering and screaming for NSDs (National Sales Directors for the uninitiated). Lots of very happy ladies high on life.  We are using this trip as a springboard to OUR Mary Kay journey.  I want to record every minute of it.

So for those that follow me on the Twitter for Reds, Bengals or University of Kentucky sports, I apologize in advance. I will still tweet about those things but you will have to see my Mary Kay experience first hand.  And I hope you enjoy it!! 

Signing off for now. Preview for tomorrow: My feelings about my first plane trip.

Very truly yours,

Mary Kay Husband

Hmmmm… #Reds


That didn’t go so well. But what do you expect from a pitcher fresh out of AAA that has a 5 Era? Unlikely that the result would have been the same if Cueto pitched. Dare I say the Reds have been unlucky this year with injuries? Unlike last year, this years team seems snake bitten with injuries. Yet they still have a great record. People need to chill and stay with this team. They call it the Big 156 for a reason. I still think the Pirates revert back to the Pirates of old and the Cardinals rookies come back to earth. This Reds team is built to win a World Series this year and I still think they do it. While tonight’s game was disheartening, it is only one game. So step off the ledge peeps and enjoy this team. I know I am.

Three Things: Where’s my phone? Edition


1) You ever lost something and have no clue where it was? Lost my phone last night. Went a whole day without my cell phone. Weird. Felt like I had no connection to the outside world. This must have been what it was like in the old days. Wait, I remember the old days. The days when I had to wait to get home to read email instead of getting it on my blackberry. So where was my phone? My wife threw it away. How rude was that! Of course it was an accident but still! Found it in the garbage outside. Evidently when cleaning out the car, my wife threw it in the wrong bag… Oh well, it is safe now.

2) Reds win! Jay Bruce hit a monster HR and Arroyo pitched great game.

3) Mondays suck. Mondays that fall on the first day of the month suck even more. Onto Tuesday! #onwardandupward

Troy Strawberry Festival


Every year around the first of June, my wife’s hometown of Troy, Ohio, USA (try not to say it like your in a beauty pageant) hosts the annual Strawberry Festival. It is always a grand time filled with strawberry lemon shakeups, Texas tenderloins, ice cream, fried foods of all sorts and any type of strawberry concoction you can think of. Been going now over 10 years and it is always a fun time. This year we chose to not live the whole experience due to some other things happening. but we made it over today for some fun! Strawberry lemon shake ups were a go, but sadly, no Texas tenderloin. We had a great time though and definitely will be back for more next year!